Porto Food and Drink


Portuguese food is rich of fish and seafood, however the northern regions as well as fish consume a lot of meat dishes. Tripe is one of Porto’s specialties, they eat so much tripe that the people are nicknamed “tripeiros”; a typical recipe is tripe cooked with Douro red wine, beans, sausage, garlic and black pepper. The wines produced in the Douro valley are rich and full bodied, characteristics that are usually combined with rich meat recipes such as duck and chicken cooked in red wine and vinegar served with rice or the “sarrabulho”, a mixture of meats, vegetables and spices cooked in wine.
The area of Porto where the majority of restaurants and bars are located is Ribeira on the bank of the Douro River. This is the gathering point for young people and the focal point of Porto’s nightlife.


A Brasileira, Rua do Bomjardim 116
Upscale cafés with an interesting lunch menu

Churrascheria Moura, Rua da Almada 219
Good value restaurant serving good Portuguese and Angolan food

Churrascheria a Brasa, Praça da Batalha
Good value restaurant specializing on grilled meat 

O Tripeiro, Rua Passos Manuel 195
Good value restaurant; house specialty: tripe

Dom Tonho, Cais da Ribeira 13
Modern Portuguese food and young trendy atmosphere

Merceria, Cais da Ribeira 32
Stylish restaurant with river views serving fish dishes

Aquario Marisqeiro, Rua Rodriguez Sampaio
This restaurant is particularly renowned for its fish and seafood dishes


Ryan Irish Pub, Rua Infante Dom Enrique 18
Guinness, whiskey and Irish music

Bar Ribeirinha, Rua de Sao Joao 70
Student bar with rock music

Via Invicta-Capital Samba, Rua Delfim Ferreira 564
Club with live Brazilian music