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Portugal, situated on the Atlantic coast at the westernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula covering only a fifth of it, has a 1214 km long border with Spain. The population is mainly concentrated around the coastal areas where the major cities are located. Conditions are quite diverse from north to south in terms of climate, vegetation and scenery. The northern part of the country is rather mountainous with deep and narrow valleys where agriculture is limited to fruits, corn and vineyards; the best Portuguese wine is produced there. The narrow coastal stretch is the most fertile area where on the plains surrounding the deltas of the rivers there is a large production of rice which is one of the main elements of the local diet as well as fish and vegetables. The Tagus River, which originates in Spain and ends in the Bay of Lisbon, marks the border between North and South. The beautiful natural areas, the beaches and the historic and cultural heritage from such illustrious past have made of Portugal a world’s favourite holiday destination.  The climate and the scenery make it an ideal place to practice water sports, to play golf and to go hiking in the mountain trails. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city is one of the most interesting cities to explore with its picturesque hills, the narrow and steep streets and the mosaic tile-work on every corner as well as offering good food and a lively nightlife.
Although not large in size, Portugal is full of interesting sites therefore to make the most of your trip it would be advisable to prepare a journey plan selecting the areas you intend to see and the sites that most interest you. To help with the search for your holidays in Portugal we have put together selected destinations inclusive of general information and the most interesting sites across various categories.
On this website we have gathered some useful information on Portugal’s history, culture and major events taking place there. Each individual destination comes with information about airports, transport, places of interest, museums complete of addresses and eating out tips. You can browse through our selection of pictures and even check out our maps which are fully interactive: you can search the place you need to find on the map and even have a close up satellite view. Try it now for an aerial view of the locations that interest you!