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Portugal has a diverse climate from north to south, in general winters are mild, summers hot, while spring and autumn are warm with strong winds and frequent rainfalls. Specifically in the north the climate is Atlantic softened by the currents from the Gulf, with colder and wetter winters than the rest of the country; while summers are sunny but not torrid. The central regions have a mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean elements: mild winters with temperatures averaging 15 degrees centigrade and hot and dry summers with temperatures over 30 degrees especially in the inner regions, whilst the breeze from the Atlantic cools the heat in the coastal areas. The southern regions have very dry climate with mild winters, temperatures average at 17 degrees, and very hot summers with temperature peaks in the high thirties. Madeira has suptropical weather with frequent rainfalls, temperatures vary between 20 degrees in winter and 25 in summer. In the Azores, temperatures are around 18 degrees in winter and the mid twenties in summer; frequent rainfall.