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Portugal is one of the smallest of all countries in Europe, but what it lacks in size it surely makes up for in the way of holiday options and charm. Portugal is a charming little country that makes a stellar destination for family friendly holidays. There are a wide variety of different options for hotels, including family friendly resorts situated along the Algarve beaches, and quaint farm houses which can be found buried in the lush green northern end of the country. You can find something for everyone with holidays to Portugal, thanks to the diversity you will find. Portugal is attracting new tourists every single year, because its landscapes are beautiful and diverse and draw many people to experience the splendor that is a holiday to Portugal.

Portugal borders Spain, and the Atlantic Ocean lays to both the west and the south of the country. Because of its proximity to the ocean, Portugal enjoys a climate which is absolutely amazing. The southern end of Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate which offers pleasant winters and summers which are hot and dry. The northern end of the country is influenced by the Gulf Stream and is lined with amazing mountains.

The sunny end of the Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in all of Portugal so many tourists head there first when taking holidays to Portugal, but there is much more to see and do beyond this Mediterranean region. In Portugal you will find hundreds of unspoiled sandy beaches, rugged cliffs comprised of age-old limestone, and sweet little sheltered coves which make the perfect hideaways for sunbathing or swimming. No matter what you decide to take your holidays in Portugal for, you are absolutely sure to find something more than you could have ever dreamed of. Portugal offers everything that a holiday visitor could ever need, making it a stunning and sought after destination for holidays all year long.