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From the Airport
Lisbon airport is located 8 km from the centre. There is excellent car rental service available and is often compared to the efficient and reputative car hire knock. There is a shuttle service, the Carristur Aerobus, that links the airport with the main hotels which runs everyday from 7am to 11pm every 20 minutes. Carristur together with  Carris (Lisbon’s public transport company), decided to introduce a new service connecting the Airport and the Lisbon’s City Center. The Aeroshuttle service complementary to Aerobus was launched in March, extending the existing network of coverage in order to satisfy the demand of the city enlargement.the Aeroshuttle service has been created in order to establish a connection between Parque das Nações, the Airport and the City Center. Besides the complementarity to the hotel shuttle service already offered by Aerobus, this new service enables access to Bus Terminal at Sete Rios, Bus and Train Terminal at Gare Oriente and Metro.
The quickest way to get to your destination is by taxi; cabs are metre operated and charge an extra fee for the luggage on top.
There is also a bus service, which, although cheaper, can be rather lengthy during peak hours.

Around Lisbon
The Lisboa Card is a pass that allows access to all the city’s forms of transport as well as discounts on museums, certain shops and restaurants. There are three types: 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours; you can purchase your pass at the tourist offices all over town.

Underground – 4 lines with 44 stations covering a total of 30 km; it runs from 6.30am to 1am

Elevador – vertical lifts and tram-like lifts that help to climb the steep slopes of Lisbon. The most famous lift is the Elevador de Santa Justa, a 32 m high iron structure in Baixa

Electricos – trams that have become a real feature in Lisbon, they connect all the old quarters by the Tago River

Carristur Sightseeing Tours - These circuits provide a global idea of the city and offer the tourist the opportunity to enjoy the views, feel the sun and the air while listening the local history, culture and stories. The tourist may get on or off at any of the stops in order to visit places of his interest.

Historical Red Tram - The Historical Red Tram is the most typical form of transport in Lisbon. These pieces of art are restored as the were originally to offer the tourists the opportunity to see and feel the past of the city. 

Carristur offer a variety of services including half day tours and made to measure rental services, for further information on Carristur services contact them directly at:
CARRISTUR - Phone: + 351 213613010 - Fax: + 351 213613052
Address: Rua 1º de Maio nº 101
1300-472 Lisboa - Portugal

Taxi- Taxis are readily available in Lisbon and are not expensive; there are two tariffs: one is valid Monday to Friday from 6am to 9pm and the other, 20% more expensive is for weekends and night time hours

Ferry – a ferry service connects various fluvial stations on the river banks. The main fluvial station is Terreiro do Paço close to Praça do Commercio from where there are many ferry connections to Barreiro, Montijo, Seixal and Cacilhas. Ferries to Trafaria and Porto Brandao go from Belem; while from Parque das Naçoes there are 5 ferries a day to Seixal and Cacilhas.

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