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The Portuguese like a good party, particularly when it comes to their festivals. From fireworks to all night revelry and from trad jazz to off the wall re-enactments, the country has a calendar of events to suit all tastes and budgets. It’s best to book well in advance to secure cheaper flights and accommodation for the larger festivals, but if you’re the disorganised type a company like On The Beach should be able to set you up with last minute late holidays in Portugal. Here are a few of the festivals that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.   

Angro do Heroismo International Jazz Festival
Just when you think summer’s all over, the Angro do Heroismo festival comes along to prove you wrong. Portugal’s leading jazz event attracts well-known artists from all over the world – expect balmy nights spent swaying to the sweet strains of both modern and traditional music in this beautiful area of the country.

The Sanjoaninas
The Sanjoaninas festivities take place on the Azores and date back to the XVI century AD. The opening procession is one of the most colourful sights of the year, while the following days are a haze of cultural, recreational and sporting activities. One of the event’s most spectacular highlights is the Sanjoaninas Bullfighting Festival – not for the fainthearted, it includes bull runs in the streets and performances by the country’s most celebrated matadors.

Festas da Ria
The Festas da Ria or ‘Festival of the Estuary’ comes to the city of Averio every July and August, with two months of the year dedicated to performances, exhibitions and radical sports. The high point of the festivities is the regatta of colourful seaweed fishing vessels, which attracts thousands of spectators from the city and surrounding countryside.

Castra Marim Medieval festivities
If you enjoy historical re-enactments then the August festivities at Castra Marim will be right up your street. For four days, the town is whisked back to the Middle Ages, with ancient kings and queens wandering the streets and jesters attaching themselves to visiting tourists. Some of the highlights include jousting tournaments, banquets and street theatre performances – a riot of colour and fun for all the family.